London Experimental Oenology Seminars


1st LEOS Seminar on primary aromas

The first seminar will take place on September 11th, in Senate House (Room 243, University of London, Malet Street)  and be led by NZ wine-researcher and producer Wendy Parr. It will bear on Primary Aromas: The case of Sauvignon.
Wendy Parr
Wendy is an Senior Research Officer of Wine Sensory Science at Lincoln University Between 1987 and 1999 she held academic positions at Victoria University of Wellington, where her field of expertise in Experimental Psychology included perception, memory and judgment behaviour, along with age-related cognitive decline.
Since 1999, she has been actively engaged in wine science research, achieving international publications and international status for her approach to wine sensory phenomena. She is currently establishing collaborative projects with French sensory and wine scientists in Burgundy and Paris. Wendy is also a grape-grower and winemaker, co-owning a boutique vineyard and winery in Golden Bay, N.Z., with her husband, Philip Simpson.


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