London Experimental Oenology Seminars


Food and wine pairings: A South American Perspective

The 6th London Experimental Oenology Seminar will examine principles of food and wine pairings through the lense of South American wines and cuisine. Why do certain flavours form perfect harmony? Can coffee and wine match? What is the role of familiarity in these pairings and do the principles shaped by old world traditions apply to new world wines and recipes?  
The seminar will take place on Thursday Feb 7th at 6.30 pm, Senate House London.
The tasting of Brazilian, Chilean and Argentinian wines will be accompanied  by talk and creations by young Franco-Colombian chef, Charles Michel.
Charles Michel graduated from Institut Paul Bocuse in 2006 (Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management degree). Subsequently worked at Restaurant Tetedoie (* Michelin star) in Lyon, France, and then for 2 years at Dal Pescatore (*** Michelin stars) in Canneto sull’Oglio (MN), Italy.
Since then, Charles has been working in Colombia,  researching culinary traditions while travelling through the countryside, as well as managing his own consulting and “Chef à Domicile” brand: “Charles Cocina”. For 5 years, he has been teaching amateurs and young professionals how to cook . Recently Charles has been developing a series of immersive multisensory food/drink experiences to complement Brand marketing strategies.


Charles is passionate about innovative cuisine inspired in Traditions and Art, using neuroscience research applied to culinary design, understanding the senses and emotions. He also has a particular interest in utilizing the latest in culinary techniques to make people think differently about the many amazing ingredients that come from his native Colombia. Currently, Charles is visiting the Crossmodal Research Laboratory in Oxford and conducting culinary research with Professor Charles Spence.
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