London Experimental Oenology Seminars


LEOS, June 17th: The influence of culture on the perception of wine quality

The London Experimental Oenology Seminar (LEOS) will welcome psychologist Dominique Valentin from the University of Burgundy on Monday June 17th, 7pm. for a session on cultural differences in the perception of wine quality. The seminar will be accompanied by a tasting of French and Spanish wines. The seminar will take place in Senate House, Malet Street (WC1), room 243 (2nd floor).
Dominique Valentin is Associate Professor in cognitive psychology, at the Centre des Science du gout et de l’Alimentation (research center on taste and olfaction). She obtained her Ph.D. in Cognition and Neurosciences. University of Texas at Dallas, in 1996, and has since widely published on perceptual expertise (wine, beer, etc.) and the effect of attention, language and culture on olfactory/gustatory perception, categorization and representation.
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